Healthy Lifestyle Habits: 10 That Changed My Life

  1. I LOVE every single tip and I couldn’t agree more. Making Jesus a priority and the Lord of my life changed everything. From my health to my outlook on life to the way I interact with others. I’m so fully on board with your tips and wanted to say thanks for sharing 💗

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Hi Michelle!! Thank you for reading and commenting!! I couldn’t agree more, these habits all started when I made Him a priority in my life! Life changing 🙂

  2. Rebecca Buchholz says:

    This is so inspiring!!! I feel like I want to read this every single day as personal mental motivation. I’ve been trying so hard to be more aware of unhealthy thoughts and a negative mindset. Those icky habits need to go!! All 10 of these healthy habits are so different from what you usually read online, and I feel like I actually learned from this. You rock!!! PS. Also curious what devotional books you’d recommend. XOXO

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      WOW, I KNEW I PICKED U AS MY BFF FOR A REASON. Thanks for reading and commenting buddy!! I’m so glad these are inspiring you to keep a positive mindset!! Also, I’m glad you thought this was different, I didn’t want to write about eating veggies, we all already know to do that haha. I love His Princess, Jesus Calling, and Craving God!! I would do Jesus Calling and His Princess if you’re looking for short reading every day. Love you!!

  3. Maranda says:

    I love love love everything about this! It was definitely eye-opening. Jesus is really the priority of life and sometimes we tend to forget that, but he gave us everything we needed to make our life the best. Thanks for this my love!

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Ahh, thank you, Maranda!! I’m guilty of forgetting too sometimes, I’m glad this could be a reminder!! Thanks for reading and sharing buddy!!!

  4. Shayna Dugger says:

    This is beautiful and so many people can relate to this ! Thank you for making my Friday morning even more enjoyable 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Oh, girl!!! I’m so glad, thank you for reading and commenting! Happy Friday!

  5. Christine says:

    Wow! Very inspiring and very real. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it’s not easy to be that open especially with the public. I appreciate your honesty! Gives inspiration to never give. Things can change and you can do it on your own terms!! Keep Inspiring!!!

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Thank you so much, Christine!! It can be hard, but it feels right! I’m so glad you liked the blog post. Thank you for reading!!

  6. Madeline says:

    this is my favorite blog post yet!! I love that you opened up about your relationship with Jesus- it is such a beautiful thing to have a strong bond with Him! I also loved your first habit, going to begin to practice that one myself 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      YAY!! Thanks, Madeline!! That makes me so happy, It is such a beautiful and powerful thing. Thank you for reading and commenting. Let me know how you start feeling after incorporating that habit!! 🙂

  7. Jacy says:

    This was such a refreshing take on healthy habits, and I couldn’t agree with you more! I can identify with SO many of these…the power of alone time in the mornings, developing a healthy relationship with food, quitting complaining. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Thanks Jacy!!! I’m so glad you could relate, and thank you for reading and commenting!

  8. Allie says:

    These were so good girl! Thanks for sharing!! You have such a good heart.


  9. Lindsay Halvorson says:

    I just have to tell you I recently came across your page on instagram and have been checking out your blog now and youtube page. I am pretty much obsessed! Fan girling over here! Haha! But, for real your love for the Lord girl is so cool to see. You are being used by the Lord and it is so beautiful to see! Love what you are doing! I am a health and fitness coach myself too! 🙂

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Hi Linsday!! Ahh, thank you so much for reading and following along! 🙂 You’ve made my day, girl!! I appreciate you!

  10. Grace says:

    Just wanted to say I’ve been following your Instagram for awhile now and doing your workouts and I LOVE them, but after reading the first blog of yours I realized you are so real and relatable. I was having a difficult night and after reading this I was inspired. I hope you never stop because you’re truly amazing !!!!

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Wowowow thank you so much!! You have made my entire week!! Means a lot to have you following along and reading along, too!! Thank you, thank you so much!!!