How To Stay Healthy When Out-To-Eat // What I Order

  1. Jacy says:

    I love these tips and do most of these too! I’m always looking at menus beforehand to have a game plan! Now that I get burgers without a bun and eat fajitas without tortillas, rice or beans, it’s become habit and I really don’t miss the empty carbs at all. The main thing I need to work on is eating slower and chewing my food better! I definitely tend to shovel my food down like I’m still a teenager haha.

    Great post!!!

    • Kaitlyn Kleppe says:

      Thank you, Jacy!! I need to practice these rules too sometimes, I eat so fast!! It helps to eat with other people that way I don’t want to look crazy so I eat slower. Unless it’s with Jon, then I have to keep up with him haha. Thanks for reading!